[ocbug] Hello

Dante Catalfamo dante at lambda.cx
Tue Feb 6 23:38:00 EST 2024

I believe I solved the issue. My OpenBSD snapshot was a little old, and 
I guess there had been an update to Clang that had moved some files around.

After updating my snapshot using `sysupgrade -s`, the build process 
seems to work fine. It's still building as I write this, but it got much 
farther than where it broke previously, so I'm going to assume that was 
the fix.

On 2/6/24 18:41, Dante Catalfamo wrote:
> I'm currently in the process of compiling OpenBSD from source and have 
> run into an issue. Since I'm trying to figure this out I thought it 
> would be fun to check in on this mailing list. Is there anyone out there 
> experienced with compiling OpenBSD from source?
> I've been following the steps from https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq5.html 
> and https://man.openbsd.org/release
> My issue seems to be related to some c++ headers.
> ```
> install: //usr/include/c++/v1/__string: Not a directory
> *** Error 1 in gnu/lib/libcxx (Makefile:978 'includes')
> *** Error 2 in include (Makefile:111 'includes': @for i in 
> ../lib/libagentx ../lib/libcbor ../lib/libcurses ../lib/libedit 
> ../lib/libelf .....)
> *** Error 2 in . (Makefile:55 'includes')
> *** Error 2 in . (Makefile:87 'do-build')
> *** Error 2 in /usr/src (Makefile:74 'build')
> ```
> Any help would be appreciated. I'll post here again if I figure out what 
> I did wrong.

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