[ocbug] January Meeting: 2014-01-09

Murphy Scott scott.murphy at arrow-eye.com
Wed Jan 8 18:14:21 EST 2014

I know it is a little late sending this, I basically forgot until late this afternoon.

Topics? I have nothing at the moment. The latest FreeBSD is 10.0-RC4 if anyone is interested in trying it out. I’d suggest another mini-install if Normand is up for it. I can likely provide a couple of newer systems to test on, a small form factor PC and a couple of laptops.

We can also try a network install and see how that goes.

Dan has asked that if anyone notices any issues in the new BSDCan website to let him know:

The new website is ready.  This one runs in a jail on a new server.  This move will make it easier to delegate out tasks.

At present, the website runs on a host with many other services (at least 60 other websites).

There should be no differences between:




but if there is, I’m hoping someone on this list finds it and lets us know before we change the DNS to point to the new location.


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