[ocbug] Tonight's meeting

Murphy Scott scott.murphy at arrow-eye.com
Thu Apr 14 23:53:08 EDT 2011

On Apr 14, 2011, at 20:20, Diane Bruce wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 12:09:47PM -0400, Brodey Dover wrote:
>> Thx for the reminder I'll be there .
>> On 2011-04-14 11:52 AM, "Murphy Scott" <scott.murphy at arrow-eye.com> wrote:
>> Not sure if I'll be there. I was ill last night and while I seem fine today,
>> I'll be waiting until the last minute to decide :)
> Scott did indeed make it tonight, where the following hypothesis was suggested.
> "Brodey Dover" is actually a mail robot that replies to meetings with
> "I'll be there!". However, since "Brodey Dover" is only a bot, there is
> never a human Brodey Dover to show up!
> - Diane
> -- 
> - db at FreeBSD.org db at db.net http://www.db.net/~db

Yes, I did. I even brought some DVDs and stress balls, but everyone in attendance had them already.

Maybe the mythical "Brodey Drover" is a clever alias for Diane? The initials bd would be db backward...

Seriously though, was there a problem locating us? Next month, I propose that we hang out at the Royal Oak on Laurier over by UofO for the meeting, as it's teh Thursday before the conference and registration will be going on there. Most of us will probably be there "post bag stuffing" for the conference. There should be a large crowd of BSD geeks anyway, except Diane, who is not a geek!

Scott Murphy
scott.murphy at arrow-eye.com

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